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  • Are you a real company?
    Yes, we are a real company from the Netherlands. Our office is in Tilburg. See contact for more info.
  • How long do I have to decide?
    In the Netherlands by law you have 14 days to decide if a product suits your wishes. If not you can send the product back.
  • What makes your watches better?
    The simple answer is care! We care a lot about our watches and we care more about our customers. If you have any problems with your watch let us know, we would love to hear from you and see how we could make it better. Our watches are top quality, we are constantly considering quality and utility over cost and volume like other watch manufacturers. All of our pillows are made partly by hand, we think that just makes them better.
  • What is the buzz about microbrand watches
    A microbrand is a small, independent but unique watch brand that delivers the same quality as bigger brands. The buying experience is more personal and warmer. Also the price is more acceptable.
  • When will the watches be ready for shipping
    If we hit our goal of 35.000,- euro, the watches will be manufactured. That will take about 65 to 90 days. After that we have a period of testing and shipping. Our goal is before Christmass on the doorstep!
  • What will happen wioth my pledge
    After you pre-order a watch. You will make a purchase and we will take the responsebility to offer you that watch after the pre-order campaign if it will be succesfull. If not, the amount of your pledge will be refunded 2 weeks after the campaign. Dont worry, trust in us!
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