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Pre-order delivery in october!


At Batavi we now sell our favorite straps. Handmade in France.

After years of wearing, using and photographing our watches with straps,

we now decided to sell and let you enjoy it as well!


Fabulous dark intense blue that is only enhanced by the matching classic stitch. Cut beautifully thin at a uniform 2.5mm, making it very comfortable on the wrist. An incredibly good allrounder, from salmon dials to gold cases and pretty much everything in between, a must have for all the strap aficionados.

Watch strap saffiano Oxford blue

  • make sure that you avoid water at all costs. Water is the mortal enemy of leather and will stain, discolour and weaken the fibres. So no showering, swimming or exercising while wearing your strap.
    Like a good pair of shoes, if you get the chance to rotate your straps then this will allow you to enjoy them a little longer.
    When you’re not wearing your strap, then we suggest storing it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

  • 20mm

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